Honomu Hawaii Weather

View from Honomu, Hawaii

Click here for current and historical weather time-lapse video from both cameras

Looking north (Image updates every 3 minutes - if image is outdated try refreshing browser page)

Honomu weather station is still down. Davis IP logger is no longer supported so switching systems.
Hope to be back up by April 14 with a new Tempest system that will have more data than the Davis
Nearby station:
Hakalau Obserations and Forecast

Hawaii Island Visible Satellite
Current (CIRA)

NOAA Big Island Visual Image

State of Hawaii IR Satellite
Current (CIRA)

NOAA Hawaii State IR Image

Hawaii Island Radar
Hawaii State Wide Radar

Hawaii Island Radar Image

Hawaii Volcanoes Update
Click map for latest earthquake data

HVO Seismic Stations - Hawaii Island

View from roof - looking WNW, Mauna Kea on left behind trees

(Image updated every 3 minutes )
View from observation deck

Satellite Water Vapor Image
(Click image for large high resolution closeup)

GOES Water Vapor Image (current)

Updated 27 July 2020 HST